July 14, 2009

Take my soul away

.:whiney babooney:.

Nancy's going to KL. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
am so angry i won't get to party to my chicca.
She's going to have a blast and
i'd be here stuck blogging every min
not because i am a blogger but because i very the sienz.
i suppose i could write a letter
but to whom?
Aunt agony? hihihihihihihih

.:i heart my chicca!:.

Me gonna miss her when she goes.
mi gonna be angry when she goes.
mi gonna be jealous when she goes.
mi sad.
take my soul away.

.:clubbin @ paragon:.

.: @ Terminal One:.

.:my chicca:.

.:chicca's party peeps:.

.:i will miss you for four days:.

wish i could go
wish i really could
when the going gets tough, the tough gets going
so wrong