July 14, 2009

On Gawai Day

I helped elizabeth celebrate her birthday
old school, but turned out great
surprise party it was
most that were informed turned up
those who were not in town

.:from l to r - baby, me, beth:.

it wasn't exactly a lavish or exclusive party
just a get together with
some old friends
most significantly
i drank for the very first time
in front of my friends
even my brother


or more like bottoms up
i didn't know what came over me
possessed likely
i drank four glasses of vodka currant
on that eventful night

.:steven fading into the background!!:.

Steven came late after work at Boulevard, a local shopping mall
the both of them were so loving that night
i was happy
even though the drinks made me a
lil more than just tipsy
i had to stoop
not good

.:look at mi eyes:.

went abit cranky
tee hee
alcohol tolerance = 0
but i felt like i just had to drink
as if to prove something
i dunno
you tell me

.:the birthday girl & moi:.

.:beth taking gd care of me:.

it got so bad i finally gave in
i had to leave early
with my brother escorting me
all the way back
not because he was tailing me from behind
but because i drove at the speed of, yes, 20km
another significant milestone

.:even she turned pinkish:.

darn thing was
i found out the party went on without me!!
and towards the end
more people came
while they were having a ball
i was home with a pail!
Evidence below

.:mi hot chiccas from l to r - baby, beth & christine:.

more proof

.:wat is this!!:.

they made it no secret that
the party was still happening without me
i am so pissed
not because i wasn't there
but cause i had a drink or two
foolish foolish me.... sighz
but if it's any consolation, i'd never have to prove myself
in front of them again
done in one night, and one night only

Happy Birthday Beth Beth!