July 18, 2009

Sunny Day .. Yay...

Time for another update
weather's good and the sun is out
good sign after a fab night out
hung out at the badger bar at S.Club last night
before heading for the karaoke bar
so that a few of us could belt our hearts out

picchas! Speak up
.:babes from l to r - chrissy, moi, cynthia and amanda:.

surprising crowd last night
they were dancing, singing
definitely had a hell of a good time
so good, we had no worries doing our thang
during 'our' time

.:girls just wanna have fun:.

.:from l to r: cynthia, amanda, patz and isaac:.

.:loving couple:.

.:sleepy toots:.

.:artsy fartsy stuff:.

they had practically every new song
in their song book except those i wanted to sing
*excuse for not singing
but i got up the stage anyway
last stop: Links
love the women's toilet mural

picchas of the night

.:she's got the M factor:.


how's about an ego booster for myself