July 17, 2009

Din Din @ Lee Garden's

at around 6 ish cause it was
Uncle Chong's birthday
we were informed by strawberry* his daughter
who called at around 5p.m
kinda last minute thing

.:birthday dindin:.

the food kept coming
i actually lost count of how many dishes we had
i kept shoving food into my mouth
disgusted right now
my appetite increased notably of late
i must put a stop to it
i am determined!

.:ever-growing appetite:.
two peas in a pod, aye? hehe

btw, a friend is worried sick he won't be able to leave Jakarta tonight
they have him on standby
along with a long line of other passengers, well
fingers crossed, heartz crossed
i hope u'll return to Singapore safely tonight
don't say i didn't pray fer ya!

he eventually sussed out his problem

our sms conversation

S: Bah! Situation's so bad that i missed my flight. Unbelievable traffic jam just now.. Everyone just wants to get out me thinks.

E: Oh my. I sold off my Jakarta shirt because of that. Haha. So how now?

S: Queuing at da standby. Fingers and toes crossed.

E: You'll be back. First in queue? Teach you a trick. Upgrade to business.

S: Haha. Did that. No difference.

E: Then try first class.

S: Haha. Nice try. My company would rather pay for a night at the transit hotel.

E: You know your company well, ha? Are you online?

S: Err.. Kinda diff to get online while waiting for standy innit?

E: No. hi hi.

S: Got in. Helps when u're in Gold class.

E: Shuddup.

Helps doesn't it?
That's RM3 i am charging you for using your Sg line.
tell you why later

wahai kalian,
the eagle is leaving jakarta tonight