July 13, 2009

Shoes Galore

Bags and gadgets aren't the only things that make me pant, shoes too!
Stilettos like these
make men go wild.

Lifted off from rougegoodness.
It defines stilettos as
"A long, thin heel found in women shoes.”

Stilettos are an absolut must when i go out to a club or party because it gives a sexier look. It helps me appear taller and at the same time achieve that oh-so-elegant look.

Then there is this
the 4-5 inch heel peep toe pump
.:an absolut must have:.
all time fav!

and let's not forget this
.:what a tease:.

or something decent like this
.:good for events:.

What i have to offer you all today looks nothing short of the sort.
First up.
Decency does the trick
Pumps like such are perfect for formal or black tie events. So if you have been on the
search for something like this, it's for you.

The I-wanna-look-5ft8-feet-tall

Vincci can do what Louboutin does best at a miniscule fraction of its cost.
Do the math.

I also have the punk me up stiletto
for rock chiccas who wanna be sexy and elegant at the same time.

Shoes are the eyes to the a woman's soul.
Don't believe me?