July 14, 2009

She didn't call me back!

But he did. As promised, my old friend rang me as soon as he got his stuff done.
Unlike others who'd break their promise
my friend ain't one of them
He called at around 3ish and immediately Pat and i rushed over
to hand over his "goodies"
.:smiling with glee:.
ala my style!

it usually feels good to handover goodies to people but today Datuk old friend was
not very much in the mood to muck around.
So, after passing it to him we had
two rounds of drinks, on him,
and crapped a session
for old time's sake.

.:guess what's in the box:.

And for some reason, i won't be able to post his picture up to protect
his identity (upon request)
i suppose i could post up a picture of him with his face
but it's a dead giveaway
i think i'll play it safe
simply cause he kept his word ;D
but no harm giving a tiny clue

.:A gift would be given to anyone who can guess who he is:.

Chances are i get to stinge on the gift.
i'm sure ya'll know why.
Mystery gift.
You can let yourself out of the bag.
one way i could redeem myself. the agony.
receiving the moolah before we cruised off

.:another time bomb waiting to explode:.

To be frank, i think it is only fair we protect one's identity or anonymity especially upon persistent request.
Here's one that doesn't mind though.
That made my day.
Thanks Pat.
i think you're all coolness and totally sick.

.:stylo mylo and moi:.

had to take it up a notch
so i did THIS


-end to a bad day-