July 11, 2009

Coach Monogram Hobo Bag for Sale

.:monogram hobo:.

Peeps, i have with me a brand new Coach bag my friend bought me from the States. Yippy! Unfortunately he got me the wrong one. Either my mms didn't go through or he just couldn't be bothered. pissed. Now i gotta sell it.

.:the inside:.

The bag is good for those who doesn't need anything too fancy because it'd look good with
almost anything and everything. Anything plain would bring the bag out.

.:in white dress:.

I personally think the bag looks nice with a plain white dress. Like this. More pics of me posing with the bag. i gotta let this one go cause i just got another new bag in Hong Kong. Am really in need of a shopping rehab now! sobs! lolx.

.:see how good it looks with white:.

gimme a buzz asap! leave a comment!

am still waiting for the new all-white i-phone hehz