July 12, 2009

For the Second Time

The flash bulb in my favorite camera broke on me, just before my trip to Macau/Hong Kong. Since it couldn't be fixed overnight, i had to borrow from a friend (i'd have to say), one of the most interesting cameras i've come across in so many years. Each time you slide the cover open, the camera will never fail to vibrate. it vibrates so often, you'd climax, say 20 times a night. Of course, i'd never reveal who the camera belonged to, only because he reviews them ever so often it is now a source of revenue for him. So, no names here.

.:me <3s> M1:.

This is my beloved camera, the discontinued M1. i must say i am one of the few hundred people in the world to own this camera. l believe more than 9,000
pictures have been taken with the M1, which has been around for
more than 5 years. i must say she is a true survivor.
The last time she upset me was during my trip to Vietnam, when she suddenly decided
to go awok and lose all its colors on its LCD.

What's special about her is that she takes beautiful pictures of just about anything,
more importantly, she takes great pictures of yours truly.
You can flip her around and camwhore all you want, day and night.
Please note that this feature is not available on most cameras!!
Allow me to show you.

.:it can transform:.

As you can see, i loved her so much my friends used to tease me about
the faded marks of what used to be the icons on the camera. i have two options.

.:faded icons:.

One is to fix it which could cost a bomb
i could leave it till the stupid yen weakens against the dollar
but it may remain spoilt forever.
My primary concern.

.:concusted bulb:.

Then again, i could just place it aside and get myself a Ricoh, the one Wendy the temptress, in K.L has.
.:le cx1:. (also a 1)

Robust, muscular and matte black.
Like how a real man should be.
It felt so good just to hold him. (assuming it's a he)
This baby would set me back by at least over 1k.
Digital cameras are getting slim and slimmer by the day, it is so hard to find
something similar to the M1 .

I still blame it on the ¥.