April 20, 2009

What do I sell?


I've been looking at my wardrobe and clothes and I am still wondering what to put up for sale.

Is it because I am new to this? Or maybe it is because I am not sure how it works.

I've been snooping around other e.shops to see how this actually works. And I'm still a mess.

I need help. Help is 2 1/2 miles away eating mochi and chocolates. Help is telling me to participate in forums. Help would not actually help unless a hot chick in a green shirt was sitting in front of him. Enuf about help.

So in this mess, I've actually put together an outfit, which i posted on lowyat for sale. Only the short's for sale. ;)

Item: Orange Checkered Shorts
Price: RM25
Condition: Brand new
Reason for selling: Too many of them

If she buys it, it'll be my first online sale ..... and I'll take great pleasure in boxing it up, sending it off etc. Help will be delighted, i hope. And I will think of something else to sell. Hopefully.