March 30, 2009

A latecomer to online shopping

I fling open the door of my wardrobe to find piles and piles of clothes. Tops that i had outgrown, dresses that i have bought on impulse, skinny pants because they were a fad and jackets simply because i love them. * i live in a tropical country *

To sell or not to sell was the question that had been occupying my mind over the last few days. And sell it was. *firm**very very firm*

I have posted several items on local forums in the hopes that I could make some money by the end of June but replies to my posts have been ....... few, if any.

That, is why I am here.

Drop me a line if you find something you fancy. *yes, i'm trying to sell clothes online* And I'll have it sent to your doorstep if we strike a deal.

Let's toast to online shopping!