September 30, 2010

Yesh *punches fist in air like DY*

my Iphone4 is finally here
although it is the 3gs that i've always wanted
having played around with it
i think i would still need a bit of time getting used to it
let's not forget 
that i was a BB user
the touch screen thing was a bit intimidating at first
hopefully i would get the hang of it ***soon

if i were to choose one between the two
BB wins hands down
becoz i think it's more practical
and easier to maneuver

i guess what sets the Iphone apart from the BB
is the amount of applications
ranging from utilities to entertainment 
and a bigger screen display

that's about it i think?
physically the Iphone 4 is thicker, imo
and it is not not tapered at the corners
and it doesn't come in white!! 
at least that's what i was told

on a separate note
i've got a few things i've gotta do 
which irks me to no end
please please remind me that i've to renew my passport

good thing is, it only takes one or two days to get it done
back in the olden * tens year or so* days
it would have taken weeks or months
i can't recall

i'm going to Taiwan
in two weeks
pardon me, but i've not recuperated from KL
there's so much going on i barely have time to breathe

inhale inhale inhale exhale
like ur going into labor

i need to look for my boots!!