August 21, 2010

Of birds and prey

it's a lazy Saturday
and i had my butt parked at my sofa
just about to fall asleep after a rather heavy meal
when i heard bells ringing
louder as Fifi came closer to the room
then in he jumped with a bird as his prey

This is not the first time
and it sure wont be the last time
i know the next line would seem weird
but i have for countless times
told him not to hunt for birds but RATS instead

the last time he caught a bird (that i know of)
he toyed around with it till it died (acc to my maid)
tearing its wings apart
before eating it
and i still have the x-ray to prove it

Fifi's fascination with birds
has gotten him into alot of problems
after he ate the wings
the bone was stuck in his throat
and that cost me RM250 just for the vet to extract it

and you think he'd learn from that lesson
i didn't think so
when he placed the bird down
i immediately yelled for dad's help
the naughty cat is still looking for his "prize" as i type

birds are not the only thing that cat brings back
frogs, small snakes, geckos
anything you can find under the sun
that he can lay his claws on
he'd then put it either at the front door
to show the world what he had brought back

despite telling him over and over
time and again
Fifi never fails to surprise me
animal instinct - you can't mess around with nature
sometimes i just wish that he'd stay in the room and just bum around

dad says that the little bird is not dead
meaning it is badly injured
i hope it'll recover
better still if my dad can nurse it back to health
or maybe not
heck even the vet here can't

i dunno
i think im mad at Fifi
but i can't because he is a cat after all
he is going bonkers running round my room looking for his prey
i think imma ground him
mebbe starve him during dinner