July 23, 2010

Mayday Mayday Mayday

I repeat Mayday
This is not a practice!!
The month of July is by far the worst I've encountered
in money management
The condition is SO critical it has to be documented
for damage control purposes

Bills bills and more bills
Not 1 not 2 but a stack of them
cellphone provider, credit card providers, loans among others
you get the gist
and I thought I was doing fine
and I really didn't see it coming
not until today

Online Shopping
is a big no no
because you tend to lose track of your purchases
and it can be quite addictive
so addictive it can get outta hand
until the credit card bills come
one by one
a bitter pill to swallow yea and it looks like it's
going to be one hard habit to kick

so all these indulgence without doubt
has had a big impact on my health
I'm nauseated half the time
and migraine along with other side effects
pays a visit every other day
whatever it is, migraine or not
shit happens
and how to we heal with it all?
more visits to the doctor

so my friends
if you ever catch me pulling my wallet out
punch me in the face