July 10, 2010

All about nothing

is when your life is as mundane as mine
you think so??
of course it is what you choose it to be
at this moment i favor silence over chaotic
loosely speaking that would be "happening" la

more and more i am spending most of my time at home
reading, sleeping, contemplating and procrastinating
all of which, but one, is not good for me
and you!!
life has not always been like this

i'm still waiting for that day
the day when pigs fly
and sparrows swim .....
ok enough whining, i know i'm pessimistic
what about you?

oh btw it is that time of the year again
when all ethnic music performers from all parts of the world
congregate at Camp Permai
to bring us
a helluva good night filled with great music

be there or be square!!
p/s: after four straight years, imma give it a pass this year

here's proof!!! lololol




General Warning
Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health


exit light, enter night
.:: e ::.