May 31, 2010

if you can't

do it physically
then i'd suggest you do it virtually
i have been extremely lazy lately, let's not forget lethargic
combine that with procrastination
things never get done

speaking of online shopping
i've come across several dresses and other garments 
that i feel i have to own
hey but its any consolation 
at least they are cheaper than what you get at stores outside

you do the math
postage is cheaper ... 

i have so many i want to buy
the ciplaky thing about online shopping
is that you have to deal with measurements
and also look at the picture at real close up before you get ripped off
some of them are the exact copy of what you see in the picture
more than not often they always turn out wrong
material and color *gag*

so you gotta be really really careful

first up
got vintage feel or not?
gotta find a suitable hutan party to wear this

next i want this one
this should come in handy when i visit Taiwan in autumn
i love this one so much but they ran out of stock for grey 
well they do have a choco choco one
but i prefer grey ney

and then there is this

this one will have to wait for my clubbing mates 
to come out from their hideout den,  tee hee
no harm buying something that'll motivate me to lose weight and wear this one
besides its less than RM40 cheap or not?

this is naisssss

love this piece as well
can see cannot see can see cannot see
what a teaser
.......D I E T.......
but always fail
why can't the Big man upstairs make me any slimmer
i wanna doll up for me boyfriend, also cannot meh?

lately i've been on the hunt for white dresses
i dunno but they spell simplicity for me
nothing too loud
like this scallop white dress
picture retarded
sorry guys cant share for this dress

see what i mean?
fair and lovely oh budhen
i also like Geraldine's tan

this one is a personal favorite too
if only it came in one piece
i am not too sure
this would be nice for work, if any

abit on the cutesy wootsy side
but hey i can be girly if i want to!!!
once in a while la...

doncha just love barbie doll dresses? 
empire waistline is perfect to cover any jelly-belly
in this case, mine
necklace not included. *phew

seven dresses i'm sharing with you
the only boogers is
i need to exfoliate and moisturize my legs until
they are sparkling clean clean
i fell down not too long ago
end up having scars everywhere

i REFUSE to see my legs like this
 i lasered them once but only minimal results
the scars are so THERE
noe what i mean?
another beautician said that i could bleach it
but i didn't stay around too long to find out what it is like

bleaching my legs sounds abit harsh, or brutal
i don wan no MJ look
but then again, it is on the legs!!
why must it always been somewhere palpable? 
WTF i so wanna kill to have nice legs now

woochacha this is it
signing out
saddy-e :(