May 15, 2010

Club culture vs. Movie culture

the last time i went clubbing or pub hoppin were some donkey years ago
I'm not even sure if i have any clubbing kakis anymore
spent most of my Friday and Saturday nights dancing the night away 
Do i miss it, some of you may wonder
Answer is yes i do, but that doesn't mean i'm at home doing nothing
let's just say my weekends are still occupied
but has mellowed down substantially

So what have i been up to lately
Good question
Over the past nine months since October
it has been movies movies movies
so much i decided to count all of them
the number of movie stubs i have can be nothing short of awesomeness (got such word?)
the bf is a movieholic
ok it is unfair to push the blame to him
so maybe i'm ageing and my peers are mostly married with children

ok lets not waste time and list out the movies i have watched

  1. Murderer

  2. Orphan

  3. Pisau Cukur

  4. Tong Men

  5. Phobia

  6. Surrogate

  7. Mulan

  8. Couple Retreat

  9. This is it (2x)

  10. Jennifer's Body

  11. Ninja Assasin

  12. Quarantine

  13. Law Abiding Citizen

  14. Inglorious Bastards

  15. Feng Yun

  16. Accident

  17. Sherlock Holmes

  18. Twilight

  19. Santau

  20. Pulau Asmara

  21. 2012

  22. Zombieland

  23. Vengeance

  24. Poker King

  25. Kungfu Tootsie

  26. Avatar

  27. Final Destination

  28. Jump

  29. Bodyguard & Assasins

  30. The Fourth Kind

  31. The Box

  32. Sorority Row

  33. Tsunami

  34. White Out

  35. The Princess and the Frog

  36. Unbelievable (Documentary)

  37. Confessions of a Shopaholic

  38. Ip Man 2 (2x)

  39. Rebellion

  40. Haunted Room

  41. Here Comes Fortune

  42. Clash of the Titans

  43. Tiger Woohoo

  44. Just Another Pandora's Box

  45. Robin Hood

  46. Nightmare on Elm Street

  47. Tooth Fairy

  48. Hooperz

  49. 14 Blades

  50. When in Rome

  51. Did You Hear about the Morgans

  52. Wolfman

  53. Cirque du Freak

  54. Confucious

  55. True Legend

  56. Ice Kacang

  57. Spy Next Door

  58. Haunted University

  59. Phobia2

  60. Remember Me

  61. Date Night

  62. Iron Man

  63. Hot Summer Days

  64. All's Well Ends Well

  65. Pocong

  66. Beauty on Duty

  67. Ju On

  68. Friday the 13th

  69. Future X-cop

  70. Being Human

  71. Furry Vengeance

  72. Valentine's Day

  73. Where Got Ghost

  74. Paranormal Activity

  75. The Haunting

  76. Little Big Soldier

  77. Fire

  78. Semerah Cinta Stiletto

  79. It's Complicated
awww shucks short by 1 movie to hit 80!!

what? Don't believe?

not convincing enough??
i thought so
i took many more hahaha

so how? convinced or not?
well i don really care
but at the rate that we are going
there is a big possibility of lack of movies to watch
actually it has already happened twice
and for those few nights we were bored to the skull
we started out as normal patrons
in the end we decided it was better to join as a member and
get a tad discount ....kiasu heh

the numbers don't lie
watching movies can be pretty expensive too
comparable to clubbing
at least for me cause i don't drink
let us say movie tickets are RM10 on average
790x2 pax= RM1580
and that does not include drinks, popcorns, munchies yadda yadda yadda
or starbux and coffee bean
or a t shirt or two before the movies begin

so which movie did i like best
can anyone GUESS?
to get a mysterious FREE gift
if you can tell me what my top 3 movies are ...

Good luck