April 10, 2010

Back home again

there's no feeling like being at home
yea hotels can have dreamy beds and plush pillows
but it doesn't smell like yours truly
weather wise i'd say the earth is getting poached
ever see eggs? that's what i mean
its so hot, it is a torture to be out on the field

shopping malls are fine though
however these days anything or almost everything you need
is a click away
say yay to online shopping!!
but i still prefer to try it on.
nothing beats the satisfaction of shopping
shopaholic, bagaholic
now i'm a new watchaholic

Balenciagas and BVs
they are not as appealing as befpre
Chanel , oh Chanel is different
It is the epitome of luxury goods
i want me own Chanel someday
This trip I got a watch !!
very nice and not revealing any photos


i'm melting in this weather
let's see what i'd get next trip