November 25, 2009

lain gaya lain rasa

a friend's motto
which fits my birthday celebrations this year perfectly
if only i was blind-folded to my room
it would have been a jaw-dropping moment
i'd never expect to experience such a romantic moment
the first of its kind
i was so surprised i forgot my manners
and went on taking pictures
without stopping to say thank you

been donkey years since i had a romantic birthday celebration
year after year a celebration with a big crowd
usually made my day
but this was different
this was unexpected
left me gobsmacked it did

everything was carefully planned
from the balloons to the present to the cake
and in house dining
completely swept off my feet
spent my birthday eve in the swanky 5 * Pullman Kuching
just couldn't get any better

even dinner was put into careful thought
one western one asian
just in case
u know what i mean
the lamb ribs were tender and succulent
and the nasi ayam raja penyet teased my palettes to bits

when it struck midnight
there was also a cake
in my favorite flavor, cheese..
it almost got me teary-eyed
a single rose, a pair of ear rings and a cake
what more could a girl ask for

*completely bare-faced/horror/no makeup*

woke up the next day to a fine selection of bread and pastries
salad and cold cuts
yogurts and cereals
and some other normal breakkie food
baked beans, omelets, sausages, beef bacon,
porridge with condiments, soup noodles
fruits and cakes

a big thank you to that special someone whom i wish to keep anonymous

a surprise party and a hearty breakfast makes e a happy gal