November 6, 2009

it has been

a while since i last clubbed
i really miss those times
when i could go out and dance to the tunes
with a couple of good friends
these days are hard to come by now
everyone of us have their own agenda
it's hard to get together for dinner, let alone a good night out

these pictures are to remind me of the good times we had
pre-HK days when everything was still fine and dandy
when the flowers smelt nice and planet earth was still healthy green
to cut the chase
the pictures were taken when i was still stick skin
close to stick skin la......
so what if i love thinspiration
don tell me to start eating bla bla stop dieting

one thing that i've noticed is that
the more i wanna lose weight
the more i gain
or maybe, just maybe i should think about gaining weight
i know it sounds ridiculous
and at 50.9kg i really dread going to the gym right now
cause muscle weighs heavier... yadda yadda yadda

on a separate note
i'm extra happy i got a call from Dr Ed today