November 29, 2009

6 days after my birthday

kenny turned 27
if you read his blog *i'm sure you all do
he wrote a bunch of things he achieved at 26
well as a friend, i can tell you he did more than just that
he just had to pick out the more important ones
at his age, he has done so much more than his peers
worked harder than most of us
though his blog depicts a more laid back & luxurious traveling lifestyle
kenny in a nutshell is a workaholic as he is a traveholic

well i'm happy he is tired and has only few hours of sleep a day
that just shows how successful he is already
besides being the acclaimed blogger who bagged the
region's best entertainment blog
he also is the chief executive director at level up business
a fitness center poised to be the largest in Kuching
which is already in operations
and earns 40k from blogging

come think of it
there should be more drinks that night
at your bash kenny
not just the absente and orange juice
ish what a letdown....
oh by the way
i didn't know there was a sequel to bar zing
apparently the bunch had gone to picca for a second round
i hope he drove home safe that night

happy birthday kenny sia!

pissed u forgot mine