October 1, 2009

pain everytime i eat

mad sucks
there is pain everytime
i eat something spicy
i eat dark chocolate
i eat something oily
in fact just everytime i eat
doesn't have to be heavy

i took off early from work the other day
because of this
it is annoying me to no end
it only helps when i go to sleep
today i had to call sick again
i know my boss is not too happy about it
but i slept the whole day
took a bunch of meds
and am still not feeling any better

scoured the internet for
people with the same problem
one site said xanax helped
so i gulped one immediately
hasn't had any reaction to it yet
i can still feel the pain and bloatedness
trouble is, there is no bowel movement involved
yet it could be the gall bladder
or a cyst waiting to explode

guys im scared
i dunno what it is
and doctor kwok said to review
the bunch of medication i was on
it could be having a side effect on my gastroblabla
***big word dunno how to spell
it's affecting work and my life
right now i feel like my lungs are burning
must be heartburn

oh yes
i found out that eno helps alot
yup eno
but im not gonna drink eno
everytime i feel like this
imma get to the bottom of this
which means i need to stick a camera
down my throat
not like it's never been done before

when will i have time?
i work a 6 day week
and i took one important day off today
i feel so sorry for taking today off
cause i was suppose to meet the people from NAZAKIA
who will be feeding me with press releases
i missed out on the MATRADE and MIDEC and FMM people
I'm such a loser FML

and there is a bug on my pc
it can't read my MSPD
everything i stick in can't be read
without a popup message that says there is a virus