October 8, 2009

ohayo gozaimasu!!

no i'm not in Japan
and i'm not taking any Japanese lessons either
i felt like it can?
so anyway i was suppose to meet up with dr ooi
but because i couldn't drag myself out of bed
well it's either one or the other
and i did some mental calculations
i thought it'd better if i stuck around and goreng some reports

i really need to buy an air freshener
cause i want my work environment to smell nice
and not reek of oysters (don you think they stink?)
or a trienieken truck
i give myself 10 brownie points for being considerate today
if you were given a second chance
she definitely deserves one too
just don make the same booboo twice

i am not feeling well today
that's nothing new
i'm just gonna lay low and take my medication
and chill
not expecting to knock off early
it doesn't really matter to me anymore
not as much as the first few weeks
and FFS everyone's got the right to PMS
if you are a woman


meegraine is woe