October 30, 2009

help and comments pls

so i told you how i cut off my fake lashes
that left me with 0.2mm of my real lashes
horrendous it was
almost made me cry
but i held it in
with the purchase of revitalash
introduced by a friend of mine who also went through the same tumultuous process

with the help of revitalash @ RM548
my lashes have grown by about 0.5mm
so i think it measures some 0.7-0.8mm now
i'm hoping it grow pass the 1.5cm mark if possible
what is the longest measuring natural eyelash ???
i know the caucasians have them real long
they always have the best advantages
skin, built, features

with eyelash extensions
some say it's not so natural looking
some say it makes the eyes look livelier
i personally think it creates more drama and attracts more attention, really

after i cut them extensions
people naturally stopped asking me about my lashes
they were short, and i felt naked and insecure
like how a woman would feel without her handbag
i am letting them natural ones grow now

but what would it be?
extensions or not?
help me decide

let's weigh the pros and cons of eyelash extensions

first the pros
1. makes the eyes appear bigger and livelier
2. omit the need for mascara which can be tedious to remove
3. don't have to apply fake ones every morning which can be a hassle as well
4. it's just pretty

1. they are expensive to maintain
2. facial becomes a mission
3. cannot rub the eye else it'll mess it up

yay, the pros outweigh the cons
but still i am feeling naked without me extensions
oh ya,
i left out the last important bit
you run the risk of losing all your natural eyelash over time

what i'm thinking is to let them grow
then have extensions,
then cut it,
then grow them
u know
like a cycle

what do you think?
leave a comment
very much appreciated

wants to have long lashes again