October 28, 2009

been feeling

nostalgic lately
am putting up alot of stuff
that was taken last year
i may have put them in facebook
but i promised a someone that
i would put them in my blog as well
every outing from the first to the last
well this is her birthday album

friends bicker and banter sometimes
but at the end of the day
you can't erase all that's been thru
the ups and downs
the happy moments and sulky times
i am sincerely happy for her now that
she has found her other half
and it will be difficult for me to see her in future

everybody had great fun at the party
some i knew most i never met
but we all got along like old time friends
something in me tells me that we would not have
another party like this in the near future
everybody has gone
off to do their own stuff
oh well
so much for memories...

e reminisce the times