September 6, 2009

shout out from Mandara Spa

@ mandara spa in sunway lagoon resort now.

What am I doing here? Good question.

To give Jojo Struys the lowdown on Kenny. OOooOO it's hard to contain the excitement. I'm going to be interviewed by Jojo and I have no idea what questions will be thrown at me. However, I know exactly what to dish out on Kenny. *evil grinz*

To be fair I would say Kenny is a ..... Neh I'd rather ya'll watch it on Astro Hitz. For those of you who won't able to catch it is majorly disappointing because the purpose of my presence is to unmask Kenny Sia. Oh my, I make it sound so bad. Ha ha. Well, I'm invited for a reason, a good one no doubt. But you never know :)


We will be chatting in the lapse of luxury *think massage* and what better way to unwind after a late night out. Anymore hebat? Btw Mandara serves an impressive cold ginger tea ;) am blogging with oh-so-soothing music in the background. Wish Ivan and Jeff were here too. They must be koyaking sunway down while waiting for me to finish.

Hope we can call it a wrap before 7pm to catch up with Wendy for dinner.

Ericka in Mandara

¤meeting Jojo for the first time¤

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Mandara Spa
picchas added on September 10, 2009

.:waiting area:.

.:view from my seat:.

.:friendly receptionists:.

.:essential oils on sale:.
px slashed to RM15
what a steal!!
Jojo and Kenny managed to grab some
i found out later - too late

.:a breath of fresh air amidst lush greenery:.

.:walkway to Mandara Spa from our villa:.

.:in room 1 where we had our foot rubbed:.

.:where Kenny had his back massaged:.