September 12, 2009

bored to the skull

and mad pissed still for not being able to lose any weight
i've done everything from eating less to exercising
could this be the mid-life crisis they always talked about
i refuse to dwell on the subject
let's move on

apart from my fucken weight gain
i'm also super bored
come tuesday i would be tied up with things
things even i am unaware of
yes it's too private to share with you all

well if it's any consolation
i have a movie date tonight
me being me i normally would refuse the offer
but he's a real good friend
and i want to be there for him in times of need
besides i only have three more days of total freedom
and then i'm chained and restricted again

.:colors brighten up your life:.

where i am going colors are taboo
it's gonna be so boring boring boring
bracing myself for that moment
it may result in another massive migraine attack
which in turn would mean RM28 for two jabs to rid the pain and nausea
watodo watodo

.:tick tock tick tock:.

.:i want music to my ears:.
let there be music
and there was music
as if

.:i need jenny craig's:.
or mebbe weight watchers
laff all u want

the only thing i look forward to
given "those" circumstances is weight loss
IT may propel the stress level to a new high
so high that i worry and worry
and then i eventually shed those extra pounds
that would my only SANITY
i have lost my mind since July 10th
and every ounce of confidence with every inch added to the waist or hips

dear God
as i have mentioned it many many times before
if you won't make me skinny again
please make everyone else fat and chubby
where did i go wrong
yes i'm that close to resorting to liposuction
but before i go under the knife
i might just give Kenny's gym a go

.:torture myself on one of these:.
i love whining
please bear with me until i return to my normal self

heck it's RM99 per month membership fees
and if all fails
it's back to the surgery room
no, i've never been liposucked
but hitting the big 3-0 is worrying me
that's when excess fat in you becomes real stubborn
and a pain in the arse to kill

imma blame it on water retention for now
it is near "that" time of the month
if you know what i mean
see see
blogging about it is already ushering in the pain
oh hello old friend migraine
brb needa take a pill
before things get any worse

imma stop now
i don't want a full blown attack

i hate you fats