August 22, 2009

si beh suay

the cherry syrup didn't work too well on me yesterday
i ended up puking intermittently
went back for the rectal pump today
i just wanna laugh everytime i see it
it's so mofo huge i think i'm gonna hurt myself
just trying to position the pump
why oh why

what the label says

for rectal use only

this package contains one UNI-ma Enema in a ready-to-use squeezable bottle
with suitable rectal tube. It is designed for disposal after use. An extra amount of solution is
provided to allow for the quantity normally remaining in bottle after squeezing

Dosage and administration: Adult
one bottle (118 ml delivered dose)
or as prescribed by physician

  1. pull to remove cap from the tip
  2. slowly insert to the rectum
  3. squeeze the bottle until empty
  4. remove the tip carefully from the rectum
  5. wait until urge to evacuate
Effectiveness: Usual evacuation is within 2 to 5 minutes

.:just to give you guys an idea how big the pump is:.
i know i know, anymore gross?

on a brighter note
one of my expected parcels has arrived
this one's from rebecca in malacca
mwah mwah mwahsssss
made my day so much better

fingers crossed i get better today