August 14, 2009

my roller coaster love affair

with the iPhone
has got me thinking like mad
whether to get it or not
the price may be ridiculous
RM2,490 retail but
the iPhone is not like any other phone
some'll say the bb is better
but i personally prefer the iPhone

lemme tell you why
it has a larger screen display
touch screen functions
shit loads of applications that can be downloaded
double as an iPod
a video camera
a mobile internet device
with email service
and a navigation set

the latest one released
comes in two choices of 16gb or 32gb
several main functions have been
cranked up to boost its ability
to shoot video
has a better camera
more powerful
and supports faster data speeds

i cant wait any longer
i know i'm supposed to wait
till the end of the year
but there's no justification in waiting
i want it today
on the other hand
i don't want it to be another impulse buy
i'll regret later
i have a phone that works
perfectly fine now
the AGONY!!!

ok let's weigh this out
the right way
not by flipping a coin
to see if i should geddit or not
had it been released earlier
say in June
i'd snapped one up almost immediately

10 reasons why i should geddit

  1. it's cool
  2. most of my friends have one
  3. sets you apart from the norms
  4. its artsy fartsy
  5. can spend ridiculous amount of time on it
  6. good for games
  7. can bling it
  8. can be a GARMIN with right app
  9. wifi
  10. the IT phone
10 reasons why i should forget it
  1. it's effin expensive
  2. financial position not that great since you've paid off all debts
  3. more & more are carrying it
  4. it's more of a want than need
  5. i'll never use all the apps
  6. i have no use for a compass
  7. or a navigation set
  8. or a currency converter
  9. lousy camera
  10. i'm getting a netbook
oh WTF
i wished i had the extra cash to spare
and even if i do
the question is if i should given my current condition
someone please ANSWER me

.:either a nay or yay:.

which is it

she finds out today