August 12, 2009

♥ Ench's 27th birthday dinner ♥

was at Lok Thian restaurant
i assume he had cravings
for Thai food....
i had wanted something else
but it was his birthday
his call
he da MAN!!
.:welcoming poster:.

.:some Thai display to set itself apart from others:.

and no
the sister did not give him any present
as expected
but she'll give him a red packet
let him get something he wants
on his own
he's all grown up now
how time flies

.:hashbu-q and i:.

.:mum and ench:.

.:camwhoring before food came:.

i dunno what mum got for him
prolly waived the money he owes her
i dunno they have some kinda secret thing
going on behind mah back
dad bought us dinner
so i suppose dad will
give another red packet
as well
lucky lucky boy

.:wonder how much dad gave him:.

.:let's toast to your b'day:.

.:hashbu hashbu birthday boy:.

make a wish
and it'll come true
i hope
at least for you
my little brother

.:here's a groupie:.

and then the food came
pandan chicken was one of the reason
ench chose this restaurant
of course the appetizer's great too
deep fried prawn crackers
and the most kickass thai chilli sauce to match it
he also ordered the thai chilli chicken
butter prawn, kangkong
and for dessert
we had water chestnut

.:mouth watering:.

looking at these picchas
make me hungry again
gotta go
before i drag someout out for
will power will power will power will power will power

ericka steers clear from pandora's box