August 10, 2009

Day 3 of my HK trip (Part 1)

it was just me and my brother
since my parents left for Macau
so we decided to eat at the same diner
we ate the day before
as the food as nice and reasonably priced
HK has some of the most ridiculously priced food
for some reason
.:at the same diner:.

and then it was some shopping for us
and i even met a new friend on my way
Ayako hails from Japan and was traveling on her own
like us it was also her last day in HK

.:ericka meets ayako:.

after mucking around abit we caught up
Ench's friends for more sight seeing
i had to see places i've always seen in HK movies
like these ones haha
i took pictures of mostly buildings behind our hotel
ones that were less seen from the front

.:back alleys where crimes normally take place:.

.:nostalgic trams:.

.:became friends with the uber sweet salesperson:.

Day 3
was spent mostly
with my brother and his two
other close friends, BB and Kah Onn

.:BB and Kah On were already waiting for us:.

.:back to the pho/com place again:.

.:waiting to try out my recommendation:.

.:smug cause happy with my choice:.

after we met up at the hotel lobby
we had lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant again
at my request (it's so delicious) before
we hopped over to Kowloon island
to New World Center a massive shopping mall
where shoppers were aplenty but mostly locals

.:on the other side of the island:.

.:Ford antique cars on display:.

after that we went out to take
picturesque photos of the great buildings on HK island
at the HK Avenue of Stars like
much like the one in Los Angeles
to pay tribute to outstanding professionals of
Hong Kong's film industry and to cement Hong Kong's
position as Asia's World City, the Avenue of Stars
which is located at
the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
was given an official opening on 27 April 2004.
It was opened to the public and visitors from
April 28, 2004 onwards

.:squeals of laughter from this pose:.

.:legendary singer jacky chan:.

actually took loadsa pictures but can't share them with
ya'll cause it'll take forever to upload
it's such a drag to upload picchas
and i haven't found a way
to upload them quick
and fast
gotta learn from
my sifu
who just recently flew back
from jakarta and bangkok

.:fabulous four:.

.:starbux in the background:.

.:camera rolling:.

there's a starbux right at the waterfront
where we mucked around for some smokes
before heading into the mall
In Harbor City, another sprawling mall
filled with brand names, even Evisu
has a flagship store there
a pair of ladies jeans could
set you back by HKD2k
at the very least

there's a whole lot more of picchas to share
i shall leave it for the sequel!

shopaholic tired from uploading pic