August 12, 2009

August 12th

is my brother's birthday
imma give him a red packet
cause i cannot afford a present he'd love
let's see
what would he like for a gift
something extravagant, out of the ordinary like
  • a weekend car
  • chairs for his existing car
  • stuff for his car
  • other stuff for his car
  • daily wash for his car
  • more tiger onitsuka shoes
  • more statement tees
  • a free trip to Japan or Hong Kong
  • more stuff for his car
  • and more stuff for his car
his love affair with his car is never ending
means so much to him
means three letters to me
but i love him silly anyway

no longer a kiddo
but always my little kiddo

.:his prized picture:.
i'm guessing!

other prized picchas include
.:the power of dreams:.

.:more power:.

.:parts he'd love:.

.:dunno what these are but he'd love them mad anyway:.

.:random pieces that mean the world to him:.
you'd never know what goes in his mind!!

.:i know nuts about whats under the hood but one of these would make his day:.

i hope you love the entry
its for you

your sister