August 6, 2009

Shopaholic does necklace!!

*am listening to Korean music
can't make out wat it means but
they are really tearjerkers
stopped @ 10.13 to be precise
to listen to some 'crap'
just so their efforts don't go to waste

speaking of Korea
i came across another site that sells personalized necklaces
they come in four different colors
pink rose,gold, white gold plating and sterling silver
the website offers the best craftsmanship
at the lowest price!!

the designer is very friendly
she even agreed to design a couple for me to choose from
how sweet
she used to work in Korea
as a Chinese teacher to young Korean kids!!
ni hao ma?
they are having a monthly promotion now
prices slashed from RM168 to RM99 online
shipping charges to West Malaysia is absolutely free
but it'll cost RM5 to get to me ;(
anythehoots imma gonna get myself one
why not?

.:plain and nice:.

i am picking out the font and design now
hopefully i can get it to her by today
and she'll have them
back to me in 10 days or so
thing is all of them are so nice
i am having problems picking
out the one i like best
you always can't have em all

even celebrities in the west are going airwol over them
Paris, Jessica Alba, Kim you name them
it's so cool imma gonna tell all my friends
three have confirmed
please let me know if you are interested!!
An extra diamond would cost RM15
here are the fonts and icons

price list
1st five letters:RM99
each additional letter or icon=RM3
additional diamond = RM15
3 letter amy+2 icon=RM99
4 letter jane+1 icon=RM99
5 letter joice = RM99
6 letter ericka=RM102
7 letter Jasmine=RM105

what are you waiting for?

order form

mobile number
material (4 to choose from):
please make payment to
Maybank2u: Ericka Law Ying Chuin 561190801292
for further inquiries pls add me on msn

*****shopaholic does necklace*****