July 30, 2009

There is a fire drill outside my hotel
right in front of the KL central station complete with
fire engines, ambulances, policemen and the paramedics
my hotel tells me this would last for 2 hours
no cars are allowed to bypass this area until the drill is over

this can be extremely irritating for KL drivers
and also for commuters
because they've put up a barricade
right in front of the KL central station entrance
to get back to my hotel, i used the side entrance instead
which called for
extreme exercise!!!!
climbing up two flights of stairs!!

but then again
it's not all that bad especially
after a close to 500 calorie McDonald's breakfast
and one fustrated morning
tying to get connected
which wasn't an issue for everyone else

It's my second last day in KL
and i am still looking for my very own personal lappy
a netbook small and light enough
for me to carry around
when and if i

I still have one more day to look for it
and customize it if possible
this is the first time
the shopaholic will be spending
her money on electronics and not apparels or another bag
she wonders what it'll feel like
not for anyone, but herself
i also missed out mambo jambo last nite
so the pek chek
but i had McD for breakfast
not the best coffee in the world but
it made up for a lonely night in the hotel room
instead of Velveting
until the wee hours in the morning

something i would never have
done in the past
or in my early twenties
pek chek is gradually accepting the ageging process

*listening to cook's version of always be my baby*

Le Meridien may not be ideal hotel for budget travelers like moi
but it does have its perks
especially if you are a prefered guest
like the one i met this morning
in the lift

the staff on the executive lounge
were kind enough to let me take pictures
without paying the extra RM150
which would take you up from the common dining area/restaurant
to the executive lounge
where it is plush and lush

.:spectacular view from the 33rd floor:.

*listening to Dust by Bic Runga

oh look!!

its 12.54pm
i've held my pee for two hours
or more
time to go hunt for my green lappy

pek chek signal 3 alert