July 28, 2009

Pek Chek in Meridien

A long winding tiring journey down from Genting

I finally arrived at my next destination

the renowned Le Meridien hotel

that costs RM380++ a night

pek chek or not?


My stay at Highland Hotel was quite pleasant

Contrary to prior assumptions the hotel staff was all very courteous

and polite

I hope my review in the questionnaire filled helped those

that I thought deserved extra credit for their efforts

to my diva-ish demands

*****kudos to Highland staff*****

just pampered myself with a long bath

a plastic rubber ducky would have made it even better

while waiting for my friend to arrive

I gave the room a complete inspection

from the minibar

right to the hooks above the toilet seat

why would the hook be above the toilet seat?!!!

one may ask

sometimes you wonder what goes on in the mind of the designer

frankly speaking one should not even

leave their toothbrush in the toilet where you normally flush after your business

but that’s just my two cents.

Pek chek was relieved when she got the green light from authorities

to buy a brand new netbook hehe

pc the shopaholic is going to shop at Low Yat

instead of the usual Sungai Wang and Pavilion

where she normally does most of the damage to her savings account

she is trying


to wean herself off from branded bags

ones she loves to buy but seldom use

but there is a reason for it

that will remain a secret

but its not a secret to those who know pek chek well ;)

Le Meridien has special curtains

that I find complicated to operate

perhaps SNKS will know what to do with it

but I DO know how to lower the shades

good for me

I give myself a star


The time now is 4.36pm

Pek chek will update when the time is right.


Pc the shopaholic