July 20, 2009

my ideal dream home

there comes a point in time when you secretly wish to own a dream house
you can call you own.
not because you hate your parents and want to move out
but more about having more personal space
perhaps it is the idea of decorating my own place to suit my taste
that tickles my fancy

truth is,
i'm far from reaching that goal
especially while i'm still facing a 'personal financial crisis'
speaking of financial crisis, i have to date spent
at least 5k since the beginning of July so you can imagine what my
situation is like and of course
the damage control that comes as part of the package
and lets be honest
Moolah $$$$ is my best friend

heck, it is everybody's best friend!!!
*it just takes a crisis for one to find out sooner* that i firmly believe
This is not some blatant lie or a misconception
Hindsight has shown me that money, and not a dog, is a man's best friend

woke up still thinking about the nightmare i had last night
for three consecutive nights i've dreamt of being chased down flights of stairs
is there a significant meaning to it
i am determined to find out by hook or by crook
ok lets not deviate too far away from the main topic
my dream home

the split level loft is absolutely one of my top 5 current favs
one that spells a generous amount of space
no-frills simplicity
that, of course, comes easy when $$ does the talking

anyway, a split level home is basically a type of house
in which the floor level
and its ceiling of
one part of the house is about
half-way between a floor
and its ceiling of the other part of the house

get the idea? it includes a flight of stairs with the front door opening to the landing
ok, i'll let the picchas do the explaining bit
for example


or or
.:green is good:.

it also could be an open plan structure that leads to a private pool
.:total madness:.

Some say the kitchen is the soul of the house, others say it is the bedroom
i say it depends on the type of person you are
majority of us spend a third of our lifetime in the bedroom
according to research
hence the bedroom is the most important room in the house
it is where we unwind after a long day at work

my ideal bedroom
is one that is simple, cosy yet comfortable
more importantly
the bed
has to be
perpetually so tempting
i cannot resist taking a catnap everytime
i enter the bedroom

.:tranquility in the bedroom takes precedence over anything else:.

.:heavenly bed:.

As comfortably inviting as your bed may be
imagine if the bedroom came with big glass panels!!!
with the ozone layer depleting and ever-increasing levels of greenhouse gas
i'd help mother earth by bringing warmth and flattering light
into my home with
bigarse glass panels

it is without a doubt a cost-effective way to add a shiok ambiance
to your dream house
best yet, is if you have a lush garden or pool to complement the ambiance

.:imma give myself the royal treatment with great scenery fit for the queen!:.

.:the quest for green living:.


if i were to follow my dressing style
the animal in me and outrageous statement pieces (colorful accessories)
would transform
my dream home
into some kinda zoo or safari. woot-a-toot
i love zebras for some reason
and nothing can turn me on anymore than zebra inspired rugs
or carpets
or furniture
as with John

.:check out this zebra foot stool:.

.:madly exciting:.

floral murals also ruffle my feather when it comes to decorating
my dream home
back in the late eighties and all the way through early 90's
wallpapers were such an effin hit
it was like free love in the 70s
the trend is making its way back
into the
commercial scene again
and judging by its soaring popularity
*imagine Korean drama*
i think it is here to stay for a while
at least for me

.:romantic innit?!:.

.:can blog till rot in here:.

.:my current wallpaper:.

then there is the modern dream home ala minimalistic
clearly only suitable for the
self-disciplined type (not me lor)
that sets you apart from others

a point to remember however
no clutter or mess!!

**********something for the guys**********
don say i selfish hor!!
.:the bachelor pad:.

.:how boring:.

.:furry is good:.

.:omfg clean:.

.:love the space:.

the ideal dream home would not be complete
decadent and gilded accessories
or statement features
in my case is

.:my idea of the perfect lounging area with romantic chandelier above:.

.:i love black chandeliers:.

.:chandeliers and zebra-ish furniture:.

.:farkin orgasmic and over the top:.

.:a modern day chandelier:.

i could rant on and on
about my mad loves for extravagant home pieces
but i have a plane to catch
i just need to catch up with Sophia ;)
if you've read my previous posts
u should know who she is
gotta run

can't wait to see John's ideal home
i'm imagining passionate red walls and wild furniture
he has a thing for zebras too
since when
that i dunno

submit your piece!!!
mine's done ;p