July 9, 2009

Macau - a whole new experience

Macau was total rudeness. The place was easy to get about with all the free bus shuttle services. At the Macau ferry bus station, you can hop onto a bus from one casino to another. The more popular ones are Wynn, Venetian and MGM. We stayed at the Emperor, a much smaller hotel compared with the rest but nonetheless comfortable. It had a see-thru toilet window which i found v. amusing. hee

.:brother & i shared a room:.

.:bathroom with a view:.

After food, it was off to Venetian for the whole day. There i found out that Rain (bi) was holding his NinetoSix fashion concert on the 27th that month, dang! The day i'd be in HK. Venetian was alright for me i guess, lost a bit of money and that was it. camwhoring session with my brother who was not much of a gambler either.

.:the ever-popular scene:.

.:one not to miss either:.

.:peeps from cirque du soleil:.
.:she smelt so nice, i tell you:.

.:tribute to the late versace:.

speaking of which, Mj died the day i left for H.K. sniffs, the King of Pop shall live in my heart forever. I don't care if he kisses Bubbles.

.:more quaint little shops selling very cool stuff:.

.:breakfast venue for two days in a row:.
.:tip - best selling item: pineapple bun:.

No joke, the bun sells out before 8a.m in the morning. i had to drag myself to the shop on the last day of my trip to get the bun, just for the sake of it. hehz.

.:the day i learnt MJ died:.
.:tribute to MJ:.
dress code: sombre
June 26th, 2009

one last breakfast and it was off to HK island yay!

.: on the macau hoverjet:.

on the ferry itself, i received a msg from a friend that a typhoon was on its way to HK island and its meteorogical department had hoisted the signal 1 post. it occured to me that i
bring rain where i went. Taiwan, Jakarta, KL, now HK.
i'm taking it as a good sign.

.:signal 1 hoisted, woochacha:.

Didn't worry too much about the typhoon. was secretly hoping to see one. How often is it you get to see a typhoon in Msia? but it was nothing serious. Dang!
Signal 3 was hoisted a few hours later, but nothing happened.
Imagine the 100 HK artistes that would have been trapped on the island
not being able to attend Rain's NinetoSix fashion concert haha.

to be continued.